Funeral & Memorial Celebrant & Consultant

Creating beautiful, authentic and personalised farewell services in locations of your choice. 


 Jacqueline Gray is an experienced Funeral & Memorial Celebrant, with a wealth of information to assist families with funeral, memorial or scattering of ashes options, to suit their ideals and values. 

  • 20 years experience as a Civil Celebrant

  • 4 Years experience as a Funeral Directors Assistant

  • Diploma of Counselling

  • Hundreds of funeral and Memorial services conducted.

See my TESTIMONIALS page with my many authentic messages of thanks, for your reassurance of  my professional, experienced and intuitive guidance in one of the most difficult times of your life.

Updates, ideas, readings and music can be found on my Facebook Page

If you would like me to arrange a private Scattering of Ashes to sea (Noosa and Sunshine Coast, Queensland only), I am happy to do so. You will be sent GPS location as to where in the ocean or river your loved ones ashes have been scattered.  The deceased's details and location of scattered ashes will also be listed on the World Register for Scattered Ashes, for future generations to locate, should they wish.  This Register can be found at Scattered Ashes. Consult with me for details and a quote.  Every situation is different, so one fixed price is not available for the scattering at sea service.

Rainbows appear at the most poignant of moments...

Rainbows appear at the most poignant of moments...

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WHat does a funeral / memorial celebrant do?

As a funeral / memorial celebrant, Jacqueline will:

  • Meet with your Family, at your home

  • Conduct non-religious, semi religious and/or spiritual services reflecting the values of your loved one

  • Take detailed notes to write the Eulogy for you OR

  • Provide guidance for writing a Eulogy

  • Discuss the values of the deceased, and reflect authentically the person they were in the fullness of health and life

  • Offer Prayers/blessings or non-denominational readings to be included in the service

  • Offer reading options for children, grandchildren etc

  • Provide music options and ideas

  • Plan and oversee the Funeral/Memorial Service

  • provide a full copy of the service, after the day

  • provide an order of the service to be conducted for the funeral director and family

  • Dress respectfully, according to the style chosen by the family

  • Advise on best scattering options

For Graveside services, I also provide a high quality PA system, and will download music for the occasion.

If you are arranging to hold a memorial service, in a private location, I can:

  • Offer suggestions on creating a memorial table

  • Offer assistance with creating a slide show

  • Create an Order of Service for you to print, or arrange printing on your behalf

  • Offer suggestions for locations for memorial services

  • Download Music - and play music at the service if needed

  • Provide a high quality PA system for music and speaking

  • Provide a Lectern for speakers, if needed

  • Coordinate the day, introduce speakers, play the music

  • Discuss options for scattering of ashes

  • Discuss catering options

By having a celebrant assist you with the day, you can 'hand over' the administration of the service, and ensure that you, and your family, can 'be' in the moment to share memories and grieve.

BEFORE A DEATH OCCURS:  I encourage those facing making their own end of life choices, who might like to pre arrange their own funeral or memorial service,  to chat about what is and isn't possible, to contact me, either themselves, or through a family member, to discuss your options, and to answer any funeral industry related questions you might have.  Often having my presence in your home will open the door to discussing your death with loved ones, enabling acceptance, comprehension and openness.  

AFTER A DEATH OCCURS: When you are speaking with your chosen Funeral Director, and would like to engage my services to assist you in my role as Funeral Celebrant, just let them know, and they will contact me to make arrangements.  My fee becomes a part of the overall cost of the funeral through their business. Or, if you are arranging a private memorial service, or arranging a scattering service, you can contact me directly.  I can offer suggestions for locations on the Sunshine Coast to hold a memorial or scattering of ashes service.

Did you know   Noosa Ferry   offer a scattering service? You can have 40 + guests onboard for a lovely memorial service on the river...

Did you know Noosa Ferry offer a scattering service? You can have 40 + guests onboard for a lovely memorial service on the river...

Noosa Coastguard can also assist with scattering of ashes to sea, and have a beautiful memorial wall on the Noosa River. Located at Munna Point, Noosa Heads, they can be contacted on (07) 54749635